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    March 23, 2009


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    Calapari was right... That strong C-USA schedule and their new "princeton on steroids" offense and their lightning fast guard (who will be leaving next year like rose) really warranted a number 1 seed. Congrats to Memphis on their sweet 16.

    Whoa! "Already written off Kansas"?! That's some confidence right there... Kansas was Big 12 regular season champs!

    So if you're ready to say the MSU/Kansas game is a done deal... How can I view State as a "Cinderella"? Not to mention their already solid Tournament pedigree with a National Title and 4 Final 4's in the past decade alone! And oh yeah, they're a "2" seed! No question Izzo's one of the game's best and what I like about the Spartans is they'll never be afraid to play physical and rebound hard.

    I agree with LaPeer in the missing link of a "feel good" story. Although, two years ago the George Mason run seemed to last too long. I guess I'm biased being an MSU fan (GM's first round opponent). Speaking of which, I'm not seeing mention of MSU in any of the other posts, or the articles. I've already written off Kansas and am anxiously awaiting the Louisville or Arizona elite 8 game. Take a look at Izzo's tourney record.

    LaPeer, maybe MSU can be your new "cinderella".

    After watching the first two rounds there were about 6 or 7 games that were decided in the final minute. Of those 6 or 7, maybe 3 or 4 of them were with top seeds (1-4). It looks lopsided on paper, but those games were close.

    Having had the chance to cover Southern Miss hoops for 18 months, it goes without saying I saw quite a bit of C-USA ball. This year's Memphis team really turned a corner in early December and became a top-tier tournament threat again. Maryland was really never in that game vs. the Tigers. And Evans has become a very good pg who can do some Lebron-like scoring. However, I'm not sure Memphis is well-rounded to beat UConn. As good as Calipari's team has looked, UConn has looked even better so far. Then again, who knows how they'll fare now with the "distraction-factor"

    I don't know if either of you had a chance to watch Memphis Maryland... but Memphis looked unbelievable. Tyreke Evans is a beast and couldn't be kept out of the lane, if the Tigers shoot the ball halfway decent I think they'll make it back to the title game.

    Maynor's shot was as bad as the service Gus Johnson got at the resteraunt in Memphis. I really think that we may see all number 1 seeds in the final 4 again this year, unless Memphis or Oklahoma can make it. Things are getting very interesting this Thursday.

    Ziggs, you are right. There should be plenty of good basketball to watch and the play will be top-notch. No denying that. I guess my point was that this year's tourney is just absent of 1 or 2 "feel good" Cinderella's for everyone to get behind at this time of year. Thanks for the thoughts!

    Scott, despite the lack of "wow" story, or "cinderella crashing the ball" in this year's tourney, I think the level of basketball will be top notch. All four #1, #2, and #3 seeds are alive, as well as two of the #4 four seeds. This makes for great matchups! UNC vs. the Zags! Powerful UCONN vs. the Big Ten's most talented team in Purdue, looking strong these past few weeks. The Orange against the Griffin's and Nova against the Dukie's are the two most intriguing games for me. But the best part of all 8 games is that going into them, each game could go either way, and that is what is remembered most about March Madness, the last second heroics, or misses. Sometimes they involve Cinderella's, most of the time they don't. Here's hoping for some great basketball games this weekend!

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