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    March 17, 2009


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    Thanks for doing it some justice, Sebastian. Many people will talk shit about hockey because they've never tried to skate a "shift" in their skates. For the likely few who have, they'll quickly find out what an incredibly difficult sport it is to play at the impossibly high speed hockey goes back-and-forth. Hockey is an unrecognizable fast-paced game that requires superb athleticism. The every-day sports fan has no clue what it takes to suit up 82 games a year, (plus 4, best-of-7, playoff series) in pursuit of the Stanley Cup. Not only does it take deft athleticism, it is as physical as NFL football, if not more. You're first-hand experience sheds some light on the skill required night-in and night-out by these "other professional athletes". Alex Ovechkin belongs in the pantheon of Larry Fitzgerald, Lebron James, and Albert Pujols!

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