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Hey there everybody... thanks for stopping by to check out Take 2 Sports!

We are proud to bring you our site and if you like what you see/read we hope you'll help us spread the word. Our goals are simple with Take 2 Sports:

1st) Give local sportscasters a chance to share their thoughts on the world they cover in a forum other than the usual 3 minute sportscast.

2nd) Set-up a creative place for viewers and sportscasters to interact and share viewpoints/ideas.

In our first few months we'll have plenty of additions and changes, and feedback will factor heavily into what we do going forward. For starters, Scott LaPeer and Sebastian Salazar will go back and forth on the sports issues of the day with each contributing articles and comments on basically whatever they are interested in... as always we would love to hear your take as well, so leave us your comments after each story!