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    March 30, 2009


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    I like to wear a large t-shirt.

    Do you want my address?

    How about Summers' dunk over Robinson?

    I wouldnt have worn that shirt anyway

    Michigan State over UConn
    UNC over Nova

    UNC over Mich State 73-69 FINAL


    Alright, heres my picks.
    UNC over Villanova 68-61
    UCONN over MSU 73-67
    UNC over UCONN 78-70
    MOP - Wayne Ellington

    first, mark sadler is a wuss (i would be more explicit, but this is public domain)

    UCONN over MSU: 62-57
    UNC over Nova: 78-65

    UNC over UCONN: 82-75

    MVP: Ty Lawson

    UConn over MSU:66-63
    UNC over Nova:77-69
    UConn over UNC:81-76

    UCONN over MSU 71-67
    UNC over NOVA 68-64
    UNC over UCONN 73-69

    UConn over MSU 68-61
    UNC over NOVA 85-77
    UConn over UNC 82-79

    MOP - AJ Price

    Uconn over Michigan St
    UNC over NOVA

    UNC over UConn
    81- 73

    Mark (Sweet) Sadler 100 - Sebastian (Not Sweet) Salazar 0

    back to basketball...

    Mich St. 68 - UCONN 61
    UNC 76 - Nova 65
    UNC 82 - Mich St. 69

    MOP: Ty Lawson

    UCONN over Mich. State 64-63
    UNC over Nova 80-68
    UNC over UCONN 70-63

    MOP: (other than Scott Lapeer) Ty Lawson

    Mich st. 73 UConn 66
    Villanova 107 North Carolina 102--- 3/OT

    Mich. St. 85 Nova 76

    MOG- Most outstanding Goran

    Mich State 73 UConn 70
    UNC 85 Nova 72
    UNC 67 Mich State 75
    Ty Lawson MVP

    Ty Lawsom is MOP

    UConn 74, MSU 72
    UNC 79, Nova 67

    UNC 84, UConn 77

    MOP - Hansborough

    Michigan State 64, UConn 68

    Villanova 77, UNC 84

    UNC 85, UConn 79

    Thabeet MOP

    UConn over Mich St. 74-68

    Villanova over UNC 84-74

    UConn over Villanova 78-70

    ooops...Ty Lawson MOP! all are gonna blow it...You know a girl is gonna win the booty right?(t-shirt guys t-shirt)

    uconn/michigan st.68/62(130)
    unc/nova 69/63 (132)
    unc/uconn 78/72 (150)

    ...and I know that LaPeer guy ain't gonna win it!

    Jamison Coyle's picks via facebook

    UNC over Nova 80-68

    Oklahoma over UConn 64-63

    UNC over Oklahoma 70-59

    Sleeper Time! CBS will hate my Finals if it happens!
    MSU-72 uconn-67
    Nova-68 UNC-66

    Nova-75 MSU-68
    MOP Scottie Reynolds

    Just give me the F-ing tshirt nerd!

    UCONN 64
    Mich State 61

    UNC 75
    Nova 67

    UCONN 76
    UNC 74

    MOP AJ Price

    Here's my picks

    CT 72 MSU 60
    UNC 90 Nova 70

    UNC 90 CT 75


    Here are my picks... since I can't win the t-shirt, I'm going to pick both underdogs and if they win I'll look like a freakin' genius.

    MSU 68 Uconn 65
    Nova 79 UNC 74

    Nova over MSU 71 61

    Final 4 Most Outstanding Player... Herndon High School's very own... Scotty Reynolds

    Look at Kevin Martin blocking my chances of winning my own T-shirt!! Thanks, K-Mart!

    Mich St-75, Uconn-69
    UNC 85- , Nova- 73

    UNC- 90, MSU- 80

    Final 4 MVP: Ty Lawson

    Scott LaPeer's Final 4 Picks:

    Michigan State - 73, UConn - 68
    UNC - 88, Villanova - 73

    Dec. 8th game at Ford Field proves to be foreshadowing of Championship game. Only this one's slightly closer...

    UNC - 84, Michigan State - 73
    Final 4 MOP - Ty Lawson

    UCONN 72 MICH ST 69
    NOVA 75 UNC 72
    UCONN 79 NOVA 72

    It's going to be as follows: UCONN over Mich St. 77-70, UNC over NOVA 88-75, UNC over UCONN 82-79, Ty Lawson is SICK,MOP, any kid with the last name Lawson is special.

    It's refreshing to read that Katie and Ziegler have their heads on straight. Everybody and their mother had Louisville over MSU. Now, the trend is continuing with UCONN.

    MSU frustrates UCONN Totaling 126
    UNC beats up Nova Totaling 152

    UNC squeaks past Goran Suton 138

    I don't like picking UNC to win because Obama did - it is the only thing we agree on.

    Oh yeah thanks for the reminder Mr. Lapeer. I too think it will be Ty Lawson as MOP, the little dude has been solid in the tourney so far. Speed kills!

    Ty Lawson overcomes says the toe injury is a thing of the past, and leads UNC with 22 points and 9 assists and is named player of the game!

    i've got UConn and UNC meeting in the Championship, with my Tar Heels taking all the glory!
    GO UNC!

    UNC beats Nova 85-70
    UConn beats Michigan State 72-69

    UNC downs UConn 80-74

    pay me

    I hate picking the favorites, but I think this is UNC's year...

    Uconn over MSU 71-62
    UNC over Nova 83-69

    UNC over Uconn 86-72

    Now that I've said that, it'll probably be MSU vs. Nova with Nova winning haha.

    Spatan D leads the Izzo's over the Cheating Calhoun's 68-66.

    Carolina runs all over Nova and Roy Williams laughs at Jay Wright's attempt to join the ranks of the "Big Timers" 82-66.

    Ty Lawson schools Kalin Lucas and UNC rolls to convincing Championship 81-69

    MOP goes to Ty Lawson, who only commits 4 t/o's in the 2 games, compared to his 16 dimes, and several timely 3's.

    Please don't write anything about the B's for the cup!?!? They won't even make it out of the East!!!!! They have made good strides, but still are a few years away, their key offensive players have ZERO playoff experience!

    Jim Calhoun uses recruiting violations to beat Tom Izzo 76-64
    Roy Williams outdresses Jay Wright 84-80
    Tyler Hansborough mouth breathes all over Hasheem Thabeet and wins 72-69
    Sam Ryan has a steamy interview with Ty Lawson as the tourney's MOP.

    Michigan State over UConn
    North Carolina over Villanova

    North Carolina over Michigan State

    those are some hefty demands. i will leave it to my brother to pick the final 4 most outstanding player, but here are my picks:

    U Conn over Mich. St. (84-72)
    Nova over UNC (84-78)

    U Conn over Nova (92-80)

    UConn 92-84

    UNC 86-76

    Tyler Hansbrough

    Ty Lawson MOP

    You guys wanted an expert so here you go....

    Uconn over the Big slow 74-64

    UNC over Nova 86-74

    UNC over Uconn 83-76

    I gotta stick with my boys... UConn over Mich St 66-54

    UNC over Nova 81-74

    UConn over UNC 76-71

    Uconn over MSU 65-58 and UNC over Nova 90-81

    UNC over Uconn 85-78 MOP- Ty Lawson

    UConn over Michigan St 71-61 (132total) and then North Carolina over 'Nova 84-76 (150 total) and then North Carolina 82 Uconn-victs 78 (total 160) Final 4 MOP will by none other than Psycho-T Tyler Hansbrough.

    My official picks are as follows... Uconn over Michigan St. (137 pts) UNC over Nova (142 pts) and Uconn over UNC (160 pts) with Boston native Jeff Adrien as MOP. please dont copy me.

    That's a pretty solid pick, Joe. Glad you're cleaning up in your brackey. If you're going to qualify for the prize (A Final 4 T-shirt), you have to pick your Final 4 MOP.

    As far as the Bruins... I like the suggestion. Something is "in the works". Check back by next week. I think you'll like what you see.

    Well, I'm not exactly a College Basketball Guru. I am however leading my brackey right now and look good for winning it all. My worst mistake thus far has been when I logged in at the 11th hour and changed my Michigan St. pick to Louisville. I have Uconn winning it all probably because I'm a Northeast guy. But if Michigan takes it I would be regretfully happy for them. My prediction...just like my bracket....UCONN over UNC with 160 points tiebreaker (im thinking OT). Hey do you feel about the B's winning the Cup..(next article?)

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