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    April 16, 2009


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    After the Wings SWEEP Chicago it will be evident the Blackhawks are not "legit" Cup contenders! Suck it Ziegler!

    To Scott LaPeer: I'm sorry but the Blackhawks don't have a legitimate chance...oh crap. Wait a second. Uhhhh....even though no one is gonna read this post. I just want public record of Scott's dismissal of my pick. I'm right. He's wrong.

    Hahahahahaha..... So much to say here...

    1.To Jonathan Ziegler- I'm sorry but the Blackhawks do NOT have a legitimate shot at taking home the cup. It's a nice story this year, but that's about it.

    2. TGO, my man! Cut me some slack, brother! Wow... this guy is angry at his life. I'm not from "Beantown", buddy, so therefore I think I can refer to it as that. Thanks for catching me on the "century" thing though... that's what occasionally happens when you're up at 3 am writing. I fixed it. Also, since it's my blog and, essentially, my column whenever I want it to be, I can kind of write however I want to write. It's my voice, bud. You, on the other hand, just don't have to read. It's pretty simple. And Joe is right... you must live in a CRAPPY sports town. :)

    Oh yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and predict an Eastern Conference Championship and then a series vs Detroit for the Cup.

    The Bruins fans may be disapointed with an early round defeat, but sebastian was right, Nobody is jumping ship in Boston "City of Champions". This TGO fella seams upset about, I think he is upset that he is from a crappy sports city...let me know if I'm wrong! haha

    You are a crappy writer. No one cares what some guy named Bellew thinks. No one from Boston calls it "Beantown" and would certainly never refer to themselves as "Beantowners". The nickname of the team is the B's, it's accepted and used so there is no need for quotation marks there.

    What the heck is this: "As well they should. Boston hasn't truly had the look of a serious contender since the turn of the century. And not the past century either. I'm talking, 1989-1990." The turn of the century was in 1990?

    Also, you shouldn't go from third person to first person...and you should never include "ummm"...ever.

    In closing, this article is run of the mill and you're a crappy writer.

    Please don't forget the 46 year Cup drought of the Chicago Blackhawks! The Hawks have taken over a town mad with baseball fever and have a legitimate shot at taking home the Cup this season! Having the youngest team in hockey and two can't miss superstars on your team mean the Hawks will be near the top for a long time to come...

    Ask those Boston Bruins fans if they'll start supporting Buffalo sports teams, or Cleveland. I bet they don't jump ship.

    1st of all, Sebastian... Detroit is not truly "out west". 2nd, despite all the recent success of other Boston-area sports, it doesn't mean large masses of Bruins fanatics aren't suffering. And weren't painstakingly teased in the late 80's with 2 Cup appearances. This town, as well as Toronto (which has actually been "Cup-less" longer), deserves a hockey champion.

    37 years... oh how those fans have suffered. PLEASE. NO ONE should feel sorry for Boston. Celtics, Patriots, Red Sox... they have had more than enough sporting success. The Bruins may be the real deal this year, but I still think the Stanley Cup will end up out West.

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