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    April 14, 2009


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    I checked into our contracts and Sebastian is technically right-- we don't operate on a "quota system". We DO, however, operate under a antagonistic banter system, so there's the loophole... we can and will respond to any comments of our choosing with said sarcasm.

    Haha... I'll see what can be done about a Caps article, the buzz is down a bit here after their loss last night in Game 1. As for the previous comment we DO NOT operate on a quota system. Do we?

    Sorry, Ziegler... Only 1 article about the rise to power of an American hockey team per playoffs, and Take 2 has already gone with the Bruins. Our decision is final.

    Great to hear the Caps are getting lots of support in D.C. They have the most exciting and offensively dynamic forward and defenseman on their team. Glad to see, at least in one large U.S. metropolis, that hockey is finely getting the credit it deserves for being a great ticket. How bout an article not on the extinction of the Wiz, but the rise to power of the Caps?

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