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    April 13, 2009


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    Awesome article, and what an awesome game that was! Btw, Kyle, one girl Scott had his eye on--#24, Ali Gardiner, better known to us as Ali G.--try to find a picture of her and you'll understand why.

    That was a great first hand account of an exciting game. If only the Lady Gator, or any other Nationally ranked team, would play the Lady Flames of Liberty, then I'd get to see fast pitch at its best. Great article, glad to hear you and Meggie are getting a chance to hang out a bit.

    The ladies in Gainesville do, very much, have it going on. However, sadly, none of them having it going on quite like Jennie Finch ever did. Believe me-- I checked. Appreciate it, KB.

    Solid write LaPeer! Those ladies over in Gainesville have got it going on. Do they have any Jennie Finch type players? (if you know what I mean). Keep up the good work on this site, I enjoying reading the articles that you and Sebastian both put out here.

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