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    April 08, 2009


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    A seemingly superhuman effort by Tiger fell short on Sunday. The only superhuman thing he did was take home the Pink Jacket for biggest baby. I thought if he put just a little more pouting in his game, the PGA just might take strokes off out of guilt. Geez what a baby! Every time something doesn't go his way: he pouts! I actually thought he was going to cry when he hit that tree! I'm Tiger Woods! How dare that tree get in the way of my ball! As a side note after listening to Bill Macatee interview both Tiger and Phil after the final round, how on this great green earth does ANYONE like Tiger over Phil?!?!?!?!?! Phil you outclass Tiger in defeat all day long. The ratings might be higher when he plays in tournaments, but long ago the PGA lost one fan because Tiger gets too much coverage. Nice to see things haven't changed.

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