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    December 08, 2010


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    No way Spurrier goes back to Florida. Stoops name always comes up when talking about Florida, but I think he's way too comfortable, and in a better situation at Oklahoma. I think I'd rather have Mullen then that quitter Petrino.

    No faith in Dan Mullen as a head coach? He's done a VERY, very good job at Mississippi State with not a whole lot of talent to speak of.

    As for Spurrier, I think that's an era gone-by for Florida. After the Meyer hiring, when Florida failed to "Woo" him back to Gainesville, the word is he and Foley no longer have a very good relationship.

    I'm surprised Bob Stoops name isn't being thrown around.

    Oh gawd no. And no Spurrier. At least score Petrino, and make an effort at Harbaugh. I would even welcome Mike Leach over Mullen.

    Bruce, I completely understand your take on the bottom schools. I suppose saying "relatively weak" would've been better. But we've seen year-in, year-out even those "bottom feeders" can rise up and give you a good scare, if not beat you on any given Saturday.

    And Ole Miss is 1 year removed from back-to-back 9 win seasons and Cotton Bowl victories. Nutt's cupboard was pretty empty this past year. Top to bottom, it's the strongest conference in the country, bottom feeders and all.

    Steve Spurrier will be hired for the job or Jeremy Foley will be fired.

    "First, the potential coach must understand the landscape of the SEC, and realize there is not a weak team out there."

    I agree with your logic about Mullen but let's not drink the SEC kool-aid here regarding the bottom feeders. I think we can safely say that Vanderbilt with two straight 2-10 seasons and Ole Miss with only 4 winning seasons in the last 9 years, failing to win more than four games in those five losing seasons, and a loss to Jacksonville St. this year, are weak teams. Rest of the teams, yes, pretty darn goodn but not these two.

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